3 Key Tips On How To Prepare For A Brand Photo Shoot


When was the last time you had a brand photo shoot? Updated your website photos and social media content and (ahem) headshot? If it’s been too long and you are scraping the bottom of the barrel for photo content that excites your clients and customers, it’s probably time to book a brand photo shoot.

Visuals matter more than ever. Not just in beautiful photography that catches the eye, but a brand look that is cohesive and consistent from platform to platform. We want your clients, followers and fans to know it is distinctively you when they see your images on Pinterest or Instagram. That professional recognition you build with your client and customer base builds trust over time allowing them to feel comfortable spending money on your product and service in the long run. So, what do you do get ready for a brand photo shoot, you ask?


Through custom branded photography: we use location, styling and props to tell your visual story. Your customers will learn more about you, your work and the type of business you run through visual storytelling. Having professional photography instantly elevates your brands aesthetic and can be used across ALL of your platforms - website, social, printed pieces and advertising. Brand specific photos using your color palette, personality and brand aesthetic creates a cohesive and recognizable look that your clients and customers won’t soon forget and come to expect!

These 3 steps will help you prepare for a successful brand photo shoot that will give you all the photos you need to up your game and get noticed as we enter a new season.

Step 1  - Decide on where these photos will live.

There are a number of reasons you can be doing a brand photo shoot and defining where these photos will live and what you are specifically shooting for is key to staying on task and getting the shots you need to capture.

Are you specifically shooting for a website update?
If so, map out in your shot list (more on that below) to include what the orientation of the photos should be and their subject matter. The last thing you need is 50 vertical photos shot from a distance when you really need 3 great narrow horizontal detailed header shots for your website.

If you’d like to see a great example of how one of our brand photoshoots set the tone for your business, see our former client Jackie’s website Sincerely Jackie

Step 2 - Decide on what your photo content needs to be.

Planning out the content of the photo shoot is key to a successful brand strategy. Knowing what the shots need to include and look like ahead of time will be the key to a successful brand photo shoot.

Make a shot list prior to the shoot that outlines the scenes, outfits or product you need to capture and include the above - where these photos will live.
My brand photo shoot shot lists include each of these points as well as some detail pull photos of the product or outfits I’d like to include. Again this keeps you organized and on task to capture exactly what you need.

Step 3 - Shop ahead

As a Brand Stylist I cannot stress enough how important it is to shop ahead for props, clothing and supplies. I like to purchase items and lay them out in a real life mood board to see how they work together and look. Lots of times I’ll see a need to fill a color hole and have to go back out to purchase something that fits that need. Shopping ahead is key to making this work! I give myself 3-4 weeks to prep before a clients photo shoot.

Any stylist will tell you if you see an item that is PERFECT for your shoot but a little out of your price range, buy it anyway and take good care of it (keeping the receipt), then return it when you’re finished. I like to incorporate brands I love and use often to keep the shoots personal and also use shops I shop in often to tag and and showcase their product.

Some of my favorite stores to shop for photo shoots are:
Home Items:
T.J. Maxx

Flying Tiger
ABC Home & Carpet
Rugs USA

J.Crew Factory

Office Props:
Target (I love buying placemats for background color and texture on flatlays)
May Designs (Great notebooks)

Photography is also one of the strongest differentiation factors you can easily put in place in order to set yourself apart from your competition. Whether it is product, portrait or lifestyle content pulling together the pieces of the puzzle to tell your unique story is a game changer. If you would like to elevate your brand presence but need some help with styling and a photographer check out my BRAND PHOTOSHOOT service and book your own brand photo shoot right HERE.