Every brand starts with a story that is unique and personal. We start with that story as the heart of your brand and work forward with intention. We will bring forth a persona and foundation for you to build your business and take it to the next level. Successful branding is about knowing who your customer is and communicating intentionally to them. It goes far beyond just a logo. Through the brand development process, we will work closely together to visually tell your story with graphics, typography, colors and pattern. Our goal is to communicate the personality and story of your brand so that it reaches and resonates with the right people.
Your brand style guide will include all the pieces that you need to create a complete cohesive look and voice for your brand. It is a document that specifies your primary logo, alternative logos, colors, fonts, image aesthetic and patterns that make your brand its own.
Timeline: 3-4 Weeks

Brand Styling isn't just beautiful design, it is
about building an intentional visual strategy for
your business. A strategically branded business
will not only set you apart from your competition,
but will establish you as a true professional and
allow you to charge what you are worth.

The Development Process Includes:
• A comprehensive brand questionnaire where we take a deep dive into the story of your brand and where you would like to head in the future.
• 1 Hr Brand Consultation phone call where we review your questionnaire and establish the foundation on how to proceed.
• Shared Pinterest board to establish your aesthetic and color palette
• A custom mood board that will establish your design aesthetic we proceed with.
• A color palette that will compliment your brands aesthetic.

The Development Process Includes:
• Primary Logo
• Secondary Logo & Submarks
• Accent Elements
• Final Brand Style Guide
• Delivery of all .PNG and .JPG files