How Brand Strategy Can Transform Your Business

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Today’s post starts a new series that will be coming to you each month giving you a first hand look into how transforming branding and brand strategy can be for a business. We’ll hear from a range of past clients, from ones who were are just starting out and need guidance to seasoned professionals in their industry who were looking for an updated brand presence or business strategy that fits their current business and mission.

When you are looking to invest in your business, a testimonial from a friend or someone whom you respect in invaluable. Hearing a review from someone who has been in your season of business helps writing that email to inquire that much easier.

Their stories are just like yours and I know will resonate on a personal and business level.

First up is Teri Moore, of T. Moore Home. A Nashville based Interior Designer and D.I.Y. Renovation Expert. For the past decade, Teri has overseen multiple DIY home renovations, resulting in $100k+ profits at resale. By the age of 31, Teri generated enough equity to purchase her 3,000 square foot dream home for her family. Today she is educating her blog readers and clients on how they can D.I.Y. their way to the home of their dreams through making strategic and researched design decisions and beautiful decor. Teri has a wonderful social media presence and is queen of instagram stories, using it to connect with her audience and being the reason why her audience loves her brand.

Teri and I worked together on the Brand Building process to focus her business from a strategic standpoint and outlined a plan of action so that she could begin to take the steps to leaving her full-time job and turning a hobby she was amazing at, into a thriving business.


Why did you first reach out?
Teri: I needed help determining the right paths to take with my business and a solid branding plan felt like the natural first step to gather my thoughts in a way that strategic and with intention.

At what point were you in your business when you decided to invest in YOU?
Teri: My business was relatively new and I was in way over my head. Every new article I'd read about ‘business branding’ offered a new technique and so much of the information was conflicting. I was beyond confused! I had been following Kristen for a while and was drawn to her approach and expertise.

What were your hopes going into the Brand Building process?
Teri: I'd hoped to determine a method that I could easily incorporate into my daily marketing. I figured that once I'd nailed down my exact offerings and the steps (A, B, C) to those services, running the marketing campaigns would be a much smoother process and I could just fill in the blanks.

How did having a clear plan of action change the way you approach your business?
Teri: Having a clear plan of action changed everything! Not only did I walk away from my sessions with a better idea of how to build my brand strategically, but I also received valuable advice from Kristen that helped me determine my actual goals. Having an idea of the clear goals in mind helped me figured out what actionable steps I should take to get there.

Do you feel the Brand Building process helped you in other aspects of your business?
Teri: The work Kristen and I did together laid a foundation on which I could build every single aspect of my brand. The organizational techniques she shared have helped me maintain focus on my goals and simplified my process. I'd been throwing everything at the wall, waiting for something to stick.

Through working with her, I've streamlined my efforts and cut my working hours in half! That means I'm now working around 45 hours a week (versus the good 90 hour weeks I'd been "working") and I've tripled my income. She taught me how to focus on only what is bringing in actual results, despite what all the "How To Run A Business" bloggers were saying. I cut out all that extra noise and am happy to report that, a year later, my business is actually profitable. I've been cutting myself paychecks!

What would you tell someone who is thinking of hiring an expert?
Teri: Despite what the press wants you to believe, there isn't a single "self-made" successful entrepreneur. Please note that all corporations have multiple people running different aspects of the operations. Since new businesses often can't afford to hire CFOs, COOs, and Marketing Directors, we rely heavily on outsourcing this work to people like Kristen who specialize in their particular industry and provide a valuable background (without an addition to the monthly payroll).

Building a successful business requires admitting your weaknesses. Once you've hired out the work that you simply aren't good at, you can focus solely on your strengths. That's why you started the business in the first place, right?


Thank you to Teri for sharing her insights on investing in Brand Building and gaining the clarity she needed to move her business in a profitable direction. I am happy to report Teri was able to leave her full time job in 2018 to take on this new venture a few months after working together. I am so proud of her!!!!

Please be sure to follow Teri on her Instagram, Pinterest and at T.Moore Home.