We are a full service design studio helping creative small businesses attract their ideal customer through colorful branding, beautiful web design and cohesive visual strategy.

We will work with you to strategically build a business that you are truly proud of and excited to share with your clients, customers and followers. A business that will set you apart from your competition, establish you as a true professional and allow you to charge what you are worth.

We strive to make the design process fun, simple and as streamlined as possible. Providing you with clear, concise steps from start to finish to help you make the right design choices for your brand. Our goal is to understand the personality of your business, creating a visual story that instantaneously communicates your brand and it’s values. We are passionate about the brands we work with and feel that working with like minded business who uplift each other and support their creative communities are the key to success.

Brand Stylist/Strategist and Creative Director

Kristen is the Creative Director behind Kristen Poissant Studio LTD. and resides in Astoria, NY with her Corgi and Design Assistant Olive. She has 13+ years of experience working in the stationery & gift industry designing for a number different multi-million dollar brands such as Vera Bradley, Tiny Prints and Shutterfly.
However, today her passion lies with spirited small businesses who have creative ideas and big goals! She values the power of branding and believes that a strong intentional visual strategy is what truly set you apart from your competition. Kristen's goal is to support you in building a business you are confident with and excited to share with your community and followers.


Brand Portrait Photographer

Jainé Kershner is our brand photographer who lives and loves Brooklyn, NY. She has the inherit knack of making her clients feel relaxed and confident in front of the camera and most importantly, look like themselves in her photos. Her photographic style is light, bright and airy mixed with a lot of fun. She encourages her clients to laugh, giggle, and smile during their sessions (no model faces here!). Her favorite color is pink, she loves peonies, completely obsesses over the j.crew catalog and adores her family.

Squarespace Developer

Christina Fowler is the brand & web designer behind By Stina Faye. Based in California, she is incredibly passionate about helping business owners create an online presence that represents the best version of themselves. Specializing in working with beauty brands & influencers, she has used her design & creative direction skills to help dozens strategize their visions, launch their brands, and profit from their passions. Christina is also one of our resident  Squarespace experts and a firm believer that power lives in having the ability to manage your own website.

Wordpress Developer

Cassandra Ewert discovered a passion for websites above all other areas of design, and spent years learning everything she could to serve her clients as a full-stack WordPress developer.
She offers her clients the unique opportunity to have the exact website they want while still being able to easily make updates and changes to content and imagery. Her goal is to provide creatives and small businesses with the same quality websites that big brands have access to.

Shopify Expert

Kaitlin Fontenot, better know as Kait, is our self-proclaimed Shopify guru and, in 2016, she was named one of the top sixteen designers to follow by Shopify themselves. With ten years of retail experience, she prides herself in being able to answer the deepest, most complicated questions for her clients while helping them to better understand the digital world. While Kait has spent over seven years designing websites, collateral, and ad campaigns for boutiques and other retailers, she's also garnered immense experience in buying, management, marketing, sales, and even ownership. To say she understands what your customers need is an understatement.

Design Contributor

Anastasia Casey is the founder of The Identité Collective
- a creative studio serving interior designers and lifestyle brands. From social media management and content creation to branding and web design, IDCO helps define brands built around beautiful living. Don't miss The Collective, IDCO's lifestyle blog written for taste making business owners.

Design Contributor

Hannah Robinson is a brand specialist and graphic designer who captures the essence of a business' story and portrays it through minimal, beautiful, effective designs and videography. In her seven years of experience, she has worked for a variety of companies from major corporations to small businesses, and brings this extensive knowledge to benefit her clients. From the identity and brand, to an online presence and website, her goal is to create something unique, memorable, intentional, and timeless.

Social Media Strategy

Ashley Mason is a social media consultant at Dash of Social who works with women entrepreneurs to create and execute social media strategies that attract their dream clients, amplify their online presence, and grow an engaged and loyal following.
Working in various industries such as health + wellness, personal finance, education, personal development, and more, Ashley has had the honor of partnering with entrepreneurs from multiple fields to get their marketing back on track.

Design Contributor

Rory Linn is the brand and web designer behind Creative Type A where she partners with creative professionals, wellness and lifestyle brands. Her style is fresh and playful, and deeply rooted in her everyday passions.
Specializing in custom illustrations, typography and lettering, Rory enjoys exploring design through various mediums and creative experimentation, and believes that the best design comes from a holistic approach. Her mission is to embrace the creativity in every aspect of life to better help her clients bring their vision to life, and craft their story into a beautiful visual identity.

Product/Content Photographer

Nadeena Seodarsan is a brand/product photographer, stylist and visual brand strategist who works with small businesses and brands to create intentional visual content and branded imagery that connects with their audience.  Specializing in beauty, wellness and lifestyle brands she works with them to help flesh out their visual identity and create guidelines to help send a cohesive message through their imagery across all platforms. With the over saturation of visual content in this digital era Nadeena truly believes it all comes down to the human experience, connection and that there is power in smallness. She also can’t live without sour candy, coconut water and sunshine. And dancing. Dancing must happen at all times.



I truly believe that design can be informational, intentional, fun and most importantly COLORFUL. Color engages different senses and reactions. Reactions will compel people to remember you and most importantly buy from you. I strive to be extremely intentional in all my design choices. I'm not just picking a bright color because it's "pretty", but rather that it invokes a certain tone or memory that resonates with your story and in turn your customer. Color creates a gut response, and works faster than words and images ever do. That is why I choose to make it the basis of my brand and design.


Having spent the last 13 years designing and collaborating with a number of different brands & clients, I have seen first hand the impact brand styling can have on a business. Not just in terms of monetary success, but also the excitement and confidence that it gives you as an entrepreneur to have a brand identity that you can truly be proud of. Having the confidence in your brand to reach your goals feels amazing and I will help you get to just that place. 


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