I am a New York City - Astoria, Queens based Brand Stylist & Designer. I have over 12 years of experience in Graphic Design, Creative Direction, Product Design/Development, Creative Marketing and Photo Styling. I have worked with a number of different clients from large multi-million dollar product based brands like Vera Bradley, Tiny Prints and Shutterfly Inc. to spirited small businesses with serious goals.
I am here to help you successfully build your business, visually
and cohesively through different means of branding, design, product, messaging, and social media. I want to help you get
to where you want to be faster and reach those dream clients
you've been longing to attract.
I value the power of brand styling, and believe that strong intentional visuals really set you apart from your competition.
I love to collaborate and create colorful and dynamic designs
that make you proud of the work you are putting out there. I am
a creative entrepreneur just like many of you and am here to support you along the way. 



I truly believe that design can be informational, intentional, fun and most importantly COLORFUL. Color engages different senses and reactions. Reactions will compel people to remember you and most importantly buy from you. I strive to be extremely intentional in all my design choices. I'm not just picking a bright color because it's "pretty", but rather that it invokes a certain tone or memory that resonates with your story and in turn your customer. Color creates a gut response, and works faster than words and images ever do. That is why I choose to make it the basis of my brand and design.


Having spent the last 12 years designing and collaborating with a number of different brands & clients, I have seen first hand the impact brand styling can have on a business. Not just in terms of monetary success, but also the excitement and confidence that it gives you as an entrepreneur to have a brand identity that you can truly be proud of. Having the confidence in your brand to reach your goals feels amazing and I will help you get to just that place. 


Are you ready to start
investing in your brand?

 I am very excited to learn more about your brand, and hear about the goals you have and
what you envision for the future. Get in touch and we’ll schedule a consultation call.