Choose to have a brand that makes your work shine, sets you apart and attracts the right customers that keep coming back for more. We will take a strategic approach diving deep into the tough questions about your brand and your audience to come up with a brand look and feel that you will not only be proud of, but it will also attract the customers you are looking for and keeping them coming back for more!


T H E   P R O C E S S


Brand Evaluation

STEP 1 : The brand evaluation questionnaire will dive deep into your brand, asking the tough questions that help us both find your true voice and story. 


Mood Board

STEP 2 : Your brand mood board will visually capture the look and feel of your brand. It will confirm that we all are on the same page to proceed.


Logo Design

STEP 3 : I design and present a logo concept to you, in context with supporting assets. Also providing the thoughtful intent behind the logo.

Brand Guide

STEP 4 : Once we confirm the logo design, I begin to build out the brand style guide. This guide includes all the design elements for your new look.


B R A N D   I D E N T I T Y   D E S I G N   I N C L U D E S


Brand Mood Board
Primary Logo
2 Alternative Logo Variations
Website Favicon

3 Brand Icons
Brand Color Palette
Brand Pattern
Full Brand Style Guide


Starting at $1950


D E S I G N   A D D   O N ' S

Business Card Design
Social Media Images
Social Media Branding
Marketing Kit

Thank You Cards
Packaging Design
Price Sheet

Product Design
Technical Design
Email Marketing
Newsletter Design

Website Assets
Banner Ads
Illustrated Quote
Invoice Design

Starting at $75