Choose to have a brand that makes your work shine, sets you apart and attracts the right customers that keep coming back for more. We will take a strategic approach diving deep into the tough questions about your brand and your audience to come up with a brand look and feel that you will not only be proud of, but it will also attract the customers you are looking for and keeping them coming back for more!


T H E   P R O C E S S


Brand Evaluation

STEP 1 : The brand evaluation questionnaire will dive deep into your brand, asking the tough questions that help us both find your true voice and story. 


Mood Board

STEP 2 : Your brand mood board will visually capture the look and feel of your brand. It will confirm that we all are on the same page to proceed.


Logo Design

STEP 3 : I design and present a logo concept to you, in context with supporting assets. Also providing the thoughtful intent behind the logo.

Brand Guide

STEP 4 : Once we confirm the logo design, I begin to build out the brand style guide. This guide includes all the design elements for your new look.


B R A N D   I D E N T I T Y   D E S I G N   I N C L U D E S


Brand Questionnaire
1hr Brand Consultation
Shared Pinterest Board
Mood Board
Color Palette

Primary Logo
Secondary Logo & Submarks
Accent Elements
Final Brand Style Guide
Final .eps and .jpg Deliverable Files


Starting at $1995