Are you just starting out with a business idea that you know could be big? Or maybe you are at a turning point and would like to elevate your business but need some guidance. If either of these are the case and you don't know what steps to take next, I am here to help you gain clarity, help you focus and build the brand of your dreams! This package has led to some pretty amazing transformations for my clients, it’s changed their mindset and put them on a path for success. Jeez, one was even able to quit her full time job with the plan of action we put in place!

The Brand Building Package
We will work one-on-one for 3 consecutive weeks and will take a deep dive into defining your brand, brand story & voice, target audience and platforms for outreach. You will have weekly homework sent to you prior to our calls on the topics below. This homework will drive our conversations and assist in getting your juices flowing.

Week 1 - Brand Discovery
An in depth exercise in who and what your brand is. You will receive a brand questionnaire that asks the hard hitting questions on who and what you are, what sets you apart and who your target audience is. This week will define your brand, voice and persona.

Week 2 - Target Audience
Once we have your persona in place, we'll take a deep dive into who your target audience is. We will strategize together to define where they live, shop, and how they run their life to define what your best paths for reaching them are.

Week 3 - Next Steps
During this final call, we will pull together all of the information from our previous 2 calls and create a plan of action for taking your brand to the next level based upon your timeline.